Dalibor finished 9th at EVLS Prague Pro 2013

Dalibor participated in the second annual of EVLS Prague Pro competition, the most important bodybuilding event on the European continent. In Open category he finished in a perfect 9th place. After his debut at the New York Pro, where he finished in the 15th place, Dalibor reached TOP 10 in just his second competition among professionals. He battled in the tough competition of 16 participants!


Results of PRO MEN´S OPEN category:

1. Kai Greene (USA)
2. Dexter Jackson (USA)
3. Branch Warren (USA)
4. Fred Smalls (USA)
5. William Bonac (Netherlands)
6. Toney Freeman (USA)
7. Lionel Beyeke (France)
8. Robert Piotrkowicz (Poland)
9. Dalibor Hájek (Czech Republic)
10. Clarence de Vis (Belgium)
11. Jury Leonov (Russia)
12. Martin Kjellström (Sweden)
13. Alexej Lesukov (Russia)
14. Jenö Kiss (Hungary)
15. Tomáš Bureš (Czech Republic)
16. Robert Burneika (Lithuania/USA)
16. Mario Van Steenberghe (Belgium)