Facts and Figures:

Date of birth:  November 29, 1972

Place of birth: Třebíč, Czech Republic

Residence: Brno, Czech Republic

Height: 6´2´´ / 188 cm

Contest weight: 280-287 lbs. / 127-130 kg

Off-season weight: 306-313 lbs. / 139-142 kg

Competition history:

2015    IFBB Nordic Pro - 15th place
2015    IFBB EVLS Prague Pro - 16th place
2014    IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro - 8th place
2014    IFBB Fitness House Russia Pro - 5th place
2014    IFBB China Pro - 3rd place
2014    IFBB EVLS Prague Pro - 13th place
2013    IFBB EVLS Prague Pro - 9th place
2013    IFBB New York Pro - 15th place
2012    IFBB Arnold Amateur - 1st place
2010    IFBB World Amateur Championship in Baku - 1st place
2008    IFBB World Amateur Championship in Bahrain - 7th place
2006    Euro Elit Portsmouth - 8th place
2006    Euro Elit Tallin - 7th place
2006    Euro Elit Prague - 5th place
2006    Euro Elit Moscow - 6th place
2006    IFBB World Amateur Championship in Ostrava - 3rd place
2005    Czech Republic Championship - 1st place
2005    Championship of Moravia and Silesia - 1st place
2004    European Championship - 8th place
2004    Czech Republic Championship - 3rd place
2004    Championship of Moravia and Silesia - 1st place
2003    Czech Republic Championship - 4th place
2003    Championship of Moravia and Silesia - 1st place
2003    South Moravia Championship - 1st place


Dalibor Hájek was born on November 29, 1972 in Třebíč, but the family moved to Brno when he was just one year old. He has been living there until now. He has an older brother. He started with sport when he was 10 and his mother, a former gymnast with a strong bond to the sport, registered her two sons to the basketball club Zbrojovka Brno. But Dalibor wasn't amazed by the world under the basketball case and ended up early with it.
When he was 13, his mother found another sport for him, this time the right one. Dalibor began with rowing in Boat sports Brno and already as a youngster he hardly found competition and was winning one race after another. As a junior he got to the Top sport center and then to the national team. He finished sixth at the World Championships in France. Concurrently he had studied school for modelers.
After reaching the men's category he came to Dukla Praha and rowed for two years for the army. In 1992 he was nominated for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, but at that time he already fell in love with dumbbells, so he did not go to Barcelona. After the time, he considers this decision a bad one after many successes in rowing. He became Czechoslovak champion several times, at the World Championships he finished sixth and won bronze at "Družba".
Since 1993 Dalibor attended the gym frequently, but did not participate in any competition until 2003. Then he had been persuaded and registered himself to the first bodybuilding competition, which he won. This way Dalibor kicked off his bodybuilding career and achieved many successes at the Czech scene in following years. In 2004 he finished in eighth place at the European Championship. A year later he won the Czech Republic championship, in 2006 he finished third at the World Championship in Ostrava.
In 2006 he traveled to the competitions abroad for the second time and participated in four races of Euro Elit Tour (in Moscow, Prague, Tallinn and Portsmouth). He finished fifth in Prague. After a two-year break he returned to competition and ranked eight at the World Championship in Bahrain. Two years later he won at the World Championship in Baku! In 2012 came the big turning point in his career. Thanks to the victory at the Arnold Amateur in USA, Dalibor got a pro card and moved among the professionals.
He debuted at the New York Pro 2013 (15th place), in October he reached Top 10 at the second annual EVLS Prague Pro (9th place). In 2014 Dalibor competed at four events. At the third annual EVLS Prague Pro he finished in 13th place, in China Pro he conquered the podium and won bronze. Then he took part in Russia Pro (5th place) and the inaugural Ferrigno Legacy Pro in Santa Barbara, where he finished in eighth place.