Dalibor finished 13th at EVLS Prague Pro 2014

Dalibor finished in 13th place at the third annual of the prestigious domestic competition EVLS Prague Pro. Compared to last year, from which he didn’t compete, he dropped four places. In Prague won Dennis Wolf from Germany ahead of two Americans Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden.


Results of PRO MEN’S OPEN category:

1. Dennis Wolf (Germany)
2. Dexter Jackson (USA)
3. Shawn Rhoden (USA)
4. Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
5. Steve Kuclo (USA)
6. Juan Morel (USA)
7. Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
8. William Bonac (Netherlands)
9. Johnnie Jackson (USA)
10. Ronny Rockel (Germany)
11. Daniel Toth (Hungary)
12. Fred Smalls (USA)
13. Dalibor Hájek (Czech Republic)
14. Aliaksei Shabunia (Belarus)
15. Tomáš Kašpar (Czech Republic)
16. Jeno Kiss (Hungary)
16. Mike Sheridan (England)

Kai Greene (USA) *Kai Greene didn’t compete in the finals due to medical reasons