Preparation for EVLS Prague Pro 2015 with the recommendations of George Farah - lighter weights, slower moving. Dalibor alternates one week with lighter weights and one week with heavier weights.



After four competitions last autumn was Dalibor forced to pause because he underwent surgery of abdominal hernia. In the spring he returned to the training process and in June he attended a training camp in New York Powerhouse Gym of Bev Francis lead by an experienced coach and nutrition expert George Farah. As in 2014, also this year will be home EVLS Prague Pro his first competition of the season. It will take place on the first weekend in October in the Tipsport Arena Prague.


Take a look on the video from Dalibor´s training camp in Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in New York. He worked here with coach and nutrition specialist George Farah.


After a hernia operation that he underwent at the end of year 2014, is Dalibor now back in the full training. Check out a few photos from his training in the gym.